So today was an interesting day at work…

I spent all morning picking up shards of glass and still didn’t get it all. The office has been vacuumed four or five times and there’s still glass everywhere. Probably the only way to get rid of it all will be to replace the carpet. Frankly, it could use an update – we’ve been there five years now and no one really knows how old the carpet is. I meant to take my camera along with me to work this morning but forgot to grab it on my way out of the house, so no piccies, I’m afraid. I’m sure, though, that there are plenty to be found on the internet. Eldora looks much like Parkersburg did last year, except the houses are still standing.  By the way, “John” Sween?  That was my boss.  His name is Jim, not John.  The guy from Channel 5 stopped by this morning to apologize in person for getting his name wrong.

I have seen so much glass today that when I went upstairs just now to tuck Rachael in, I saw a piece of plastic from a package lying on the floor and thought it was glass.  Whoops. 🙂

There is lots more to write about, but my head is seriously killing me, so I think I will save posting about my weekend for later.  When my head doesn’t hurt.

Forty-seven days till September 26…

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