¡Hace calor!

Well, it’s late and I’m exhausted after a long day.  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the poetry!  Most of them were written on our last camping trip.  We spent two hours waiting for our boat to get fixed and, after my phone battery died, I whipped out my handy little purse notebook and started writing.  (If I’d have had The Lokana Chronicles with me, I’d have started revising, but that didn’t work out.)

Anyway, I’ve got loads to tell when I’m less tired and more coherent, so for tonight, I’ll just leave you with this.  It hit 105° today at work, and in Des Moines, apparently it hit 108°.  I heard that was a record, but I don’t know for sure.

What I do know for sure is that when it’s this flippin’ hot out,  there’s only one thought that runs through my mind, and it goes like this:

I’m super sweet!

super-sweet-blogging-award1A while back, I opened WordPress to look at a new comment I’d received and, lo and behold, the comment was to let me know that I’d been nominated for the Super Sweet Blog Award!  I found the timing quite hilarious as I’d just read another comment on a forum where someone described me as “…very sweet natured, but…she has a darker side!”  Apparently, I’m chocolate. 😀

Anyway, many thanks to Mandy Eve Barnett, who nominated me for the award!  This one goes like this:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer six super sweet questions.
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award picture in your post.
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen of deserving bloggers.
  • Notify the nominees on their blogs!

And now, ze questions:

Weekend exploits, or Double Trouble (times two!)

Good friends and good food - what more could a girl ask for on a rockin' Friday night?

Good friends and good food – what more could a girl ask for on a rockin’ Friday night?

Well, here I am, sitting at my desk on a lovely Tuesday morning, trying to recover from yet another action-packed weekend.  When I look back on the summer of 2013, I think that’s what I’ll remember – it was a summer of action.  This time, though, instead of a family camping trip, the weekend revolved around time spent with great friends (and loads of good food, naturally).

One of my oldest and dearest friends is back in town.  Well, not my town anymore, but I’ll get to that.  See, she moved cross-country to sunny California after high school, putting a serious crimp in our hangout schedule.  Last time she was back in Iowa and I actually got to see her was four years ago when her sister got married (sadly, she couldn’t make it back for my wedding a few months later – stupid circumstances).  Clearly, we needed to get together again, and that’s exactly what happened this time, as she spent her trip to our hometown crashed on my couch.  After the “excitement” I had at the beginning of July, this was just the sort of excitement I needed.

I feel fine

So today I’m taking a cue from a friend and using a song title for my post title. And why do I feel fine? Because I was up all night hanging out with my bestest bud, in case you haven’t seen the sidebar to the right. (And then after that, I may or may not have been lost in Camlain and Penrithen, two lands from the fabulous Vortex, Return of the Effra by Lindsey J. Parsons.)

Today, we’re having a blast and tonight is going to be better yet. So if I’m not around for a day or two, rest assured it’s because I’m having a heck of a good time with some really great friends. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Time to slip into something more comfortable…



…like this delicious casserole I fixed for supper last night.  We’re in a rut food-wise, so I decided to try a little something different.  Seymour sometimes gets a little nervous when I start experimenting in the kitchen (and after the lasagna casserole incident, I suppose I can’t blame him, but I still say my pepperoni, green onion, and parsley pizza rocks), but this recipe – which I made up as I went along – was a bona fide crowd-pleaser (Bubbles cheered when I told him I wrote down what I did so I could duplicate the results).

So, without further ado, my recipe for Comfort Casserole (so called because it just felt comfort foody):

What’s in a name?

Names are stories, and in those stories are a person’s identity and culture.  -Icess Fernandez Rojas

I love that!  It’s so true, too, at least for my stories, anyway.  Think of it: a whole story, a saga, if you will, all summed up in a single word.  Now that’s mind-boggling.

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The race is on!

As soon as I hit Publish on my last post, I realized that I’d intended to post some pictures along with it.  Guess that’s what happens when you get distracted. 🙂

Qualifying laps.  If you look under the flag, you'll see a truck.

Qualifying laps. If you look under the flag, you’ll see a truck.

Anyway, since I seem to have skipped over my trip to the Iowa Speedway last month, allow me to share a bit.  That’s where Seymour’s at again tonight, this time with one of his old friends.  They’re at the US Cellular 250, one of the Nationwide Series races.  The race we went to was part of the Camping World Truck Series, but I can’t remember which one it was.  Anyway, Seymour had never been and I’d never been to a professional sporting event of any kind, so it was really neat to go to our first race together.

I had no idea who any of the drivers were because…

Time flies!

Another week has come and gone and with it, another month as well.  This past week seemed to drag by – there was more than once that I could have sworn that time really was standing still.  But at last it’s the weekend!  So what does that mean?

It means that I’ll blink and it will be Monday.

There’s a NASCAR race in Newton today that Seymour is at with a friend, so there was much cleaning last night and this morning.  Tomorrow is the annual family reunion, so tonight I’ll have much cooking to do.  But right now?  Right now, the boys are down for a nap and I have time to get some writing and/or editing done.

And what am I doing?  I’m blogging because I’m too worn out for all the thinking that writing and editing involves.  And I had something I wanted to post about, but now I can’t remember what it was. *sigh*  Perhaps if I could get rid of this darn headache, I could remember more than just my name… 😀


Well, I haven’t gotten rid of the headache, but I did kill a couple hours reading stuff online and then a couple more hanging out with an old friend.  Time to feed the kiddoes and have a little quiet time before the craziness of tomorrow!  Have a great night, everybody! 🙂

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