Writing 101: The tunes

Gaelic Storm at the Englert Theater

Gaelic Storm at the Englert Theater

I can’t even begin to count the number of songs in which I can find meaning, or the number of songs that I love, that hold inspiration for me, that have shaped the person I’ve become.  The first three that popped into my head, though, are “A Way Back Into Love” and “Dance With Me Tonight” from the Music and Lyrics soundtrack, and “Walk Through My Door” from Gaelic Storm’s album, Tree.

I listened to a lot of Gaelic Storm during my teen years, and their first three albums in particular can send me back to fun times with great friends in seconds.  While I love all their music, “Walk Through My Door” always reminds me of a certain person.  The song itself even inspired a short story, one that I’m told wasn’t half bad.

But, as inevitably happens, I graduated high school and got married (to someone else).  And when my marriage ended, I listened to this song again…


Transporter room, this is the captain speaking…

In case you missed it Monday, I’m participating in the Writing 101 challenge this month.  Thanks to Thumper, who insists he’s big enough to dispense with daily naps (he’s two, so he’s not), I went from having an afternoon to catch up on some blog-related affairs to having about an hour to catch up on everything, and this is one of the things that was left undone when I finally collapsed into bed last night.  Day two’s prompt asked where I would like to go if I could be transported anywhere, and I added the extra twist of anytime because I’m not sure that Europe would count for this (but in case it does, I want to start in the west and work my way east, exploring everything on the continent).  So!

If I could be transported anywhere (and anytime), I’d stay right where I am, but 150 years in the past, when our farm was first homesteaded.  Back in the 1860’s, Iowa was still covered in prairie grass and, compared to today, more sparsely settled.  We’re talking Little House on the Prairie-type stuff here, and I LOVED that show…