A look outside my window

IMG_20130718_134021Today’s challenge was to go somewhere public and write a detailed report of what we see without using any adverbs.  I’m not sure I succeeded on eliminating all my adverbs, but the following is what I can see through the front door of my office.  It’s a pretty sight, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

As I sit at my desk, trying to avoid the mound of paperwork that needs filing, I can see a fraction of the courthouse square.  Most of the parking spaces on the street sit empty as the day draws to a close; the courthouse has closed for business and its employees have all gone home, free from the shackles that still restrain me.

Brilliant sunshine gleams against a vivacious backdrop, blasting away the few clouds that litter the sky and casting charcoal shadows on the emerald grass.  A woman down the block strolls the main drag, enjoying the warmth.  Leaves flutter in the late spring breeze as it sends the flower baskets suspended from the streetlamps swinging.

A rusted-out delivery truck ambles past, searching for an address; the noise from its grumbling engine disturbs the stillness.  A happy little bluebird sings a sweet song, but I can’t hear it over the engine’s roar; I only see its little beak open and close, open and close.  But when the clock in the tower begins to chime the hour, the dings and dongs reach my tired ears, filling me with joy at the prospect of a quiet evening at home.

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