Photo 365 #300

Holy cow – how have I been at this project for 300 days already?  Didn’t I just start this thing?

Today is the kids’ last day of school.  It’s the last day of school in the building they’re in for good (as far as I know at the moment), as the school district has decided to close the building. *sigh*  The last day of school is supposed to be a fun day – it’s the beginning of summer, baby! – not a downer.

With that in mind, here’s a beginning I made last night:

2015-06-02 19.57.21

I suppose technically, I made this beginning last weekend, when I actually put together the pie crust and the fruit.  Thing is, I didn’t actually get the pie put together until last night.  When I trimmed the bottom pie crust, I had more left than I thought I’d have, so I tried to make the top crust out of my remains, but I didn’t have quite enough for that.  That was when I decided to try a lattice crust.  I’d never done one before, and the results aren’t exactly pretty (especially now that I’ve noticed I botched up the lattice), but hopefully it tastes better than it looks.

I’ll find out tonight. 🙂

Are your kids still in school yet?  If not, how long have they been on summer break?

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7 thoughts on “Photo 365 #300

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      I’m a bit surprised that we’re going so late this year, because we really didn’t have that many snow days, but we did get out quite a few times for state athletics. That said, if we’re going to go into June for school, I’d like it if my kids actually did something while they were there. Monday they turned in all their books and computers and things; yesterday they had a kickball tournament and watched a movie; today they were only there for two and a half hours.

      We had fun the last day of school, but it didn’t extend to the two days before the last day of school. Oh, well – let the summer begin! 🙂

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      • Jack Ronald Cotner says:

        Hmmm. Sounds like the school is filling ‘required’ squares rather than teaching. Maybe I’m wrong. After all the rain and bad weather I’ve had down here, I’m ready for summer. Of course, when July and August make it around, I’m sure I won’t be the only one calling for cooler weather. 🙂

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        • Kay Kauffman says:

          Same here. And I know what you mean about being ready for summer. I’m ready for warm weather and blue skies, too, but I’m not ready for the humidity and mosquitoes. By the time August rolls around, I’ll probably need reminding that at least it’s not thirty below. 😀

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