Warning: Whining ahead

I am sooo not a morning person. I’m even worse when I’m sleep-deprived and required to be up early. Take this morning, for instance. This morning we had to be up at 5:00 a.m., but we didn’t get to bed till almost midnight and I’m pretty sure it was after that by the time I fell asleep.

I was already exhausted after the weekend. Now I’m more exhausted. And I get to drive two hours home. Yaaay. But it could be a whole lot worse. And I finally finished the edits on chapter five, so there’s that. 🙂

I’d love to just go home, take a nap, and spend the rest of the evening working on revisions, but I know that won’t happen. I wonder if I’ll ever have free time to myself again, like I did when I was a “crazy busy” teenager.

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10 thoughts on “Warning: Whining ahead

    • Kay Lynn says:

      I know, right? What I wouldn’t give to be that “busy” again! I mean, life was just soooo crazy back then – how did we ever manage to get everything done in a day?


  1. Roger Lawrence says:

    Know what you mean. If it isn’t bathroom ceilings leaking, teenage daughter’s accidentally dying their hair ginger or the boss actually demanding that I do some work, Ihardly ever get the time to write. Life’s not fair.


    • Kay Lynn says:

      I actually have a few minutes to myself to write at the moment (the older two kids are taking care of the younger two kids) – woot woot! – but I’m so tired that I can’t focus well enough to even type up my revision notes! *sigh* I need one of those stopwatches that stop time so I can take a nap and still have plenty of time left to get done the things that need doing. 🙂


    • Kay Lynn says:

      My husband had surgery this morning, so it’s been a long day. Upside: He was scheduled first thing this morning at 7:00 a.m. Downside: The hospital is two hours from home and they wanted us there at 5:00 a.m. They changed their minds yesterday and decided we didn’t need to be there till 6:00 a.m., but then we spent two hours waiting once we got there this morning and it was mid-afternoon before we got home. We left last night and stayed near the hospital so that we wouldn’t have to get up quite so early this morning, but it’s been a heck of a long day. Tomorrow’s not looking much better, but at least tomorrow involves a parade and a fun post-parade supper with friends. 🙂


  2. lillian14 says:

    Adulthood, i presume is very tiring. I wad going to say that i can relate, but then i read the last sentence, and i realized i’m in for quite a bit more later in life. =))


    • Kay Lynn says:

      You presume correct. 🙂 I have four kids, one husband, a job, and I write around all of it. I’m leaving for vacation in a couple of hours, but something tells me that even vacation will be busy as my husband and I have vastly different ideas of what constitutes vacation.


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