Holy shamoly!

I don’t know what I wrote, but evidently someone – or several someones – found something I said of interest because my blog traffic is through the roof today.  Normally I can expect to see twenty, maybe thirty people stop by on any given day.  On a really good day, the number of visitors jumps up to around fifty.  It’s a small following, I know, but I truly appreciate those who stop by regularly.  I think it’s better to have a handful of loyal fans than a thousand people who maybe stop in only once.

But today?  Today I’ve had 303 hits.  I don’t know what I wrote that was so dadgum interesting, but whatever it was, I wish someone would let me know so I could do it again!  Or at the very least, I could try to do it again.

And now, back to my writing cave!

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13 thoughts on “Holy shamoly!

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      The power of the internet, indeed! I’ve been blogging for five years next month. This is by far and away the most traffic I’ve ever had in one day – it was a little astonishing! I just want to keep it up, whatever “it” is – that was the thing I couldn’t figure out. It looked like someone took the time to read just about every post I’ve written in those five years! 🙂


  1. Sophie E Tallis says:

    That’s amazing honey!!! HUGE congrats! My biggest day was 135 and I was thrilled at that, usually it’s like you, in the twenties/thrities which I truly appreciate. Small followings, but perfectly formed! 😛 xx


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