The wilds of Iowa

You may recall that last weekend, we had some wild weather.  It’s actually been a wild couple of weeks, weatherwise.  Between floods and tornadoes, we’ve had all we can do to keep up with the effects of the storms leveled at us.  Last week’s storms knocked down two of our trees, and left branches dangling from a couple of others.  Seymour and I spent Sunday afternoon trying to clean up the yard, only to have more storms roll through that night.

My hometown was too close for comfort to one of Sunday evening’s passing tornadoes.  Apparently, our new house was also fairly close, but I didn’t know that till Monday morning.

I’ve just about had it with all this weather.  It seems that every time something major is about to hit, I’m putting the boys to bed for the night.  Also, my basement floor is cracked enough – I don’t need anymore water to go pouring into it.  And I’d love it if my internet would stay functional because, even as crappy as it is, it’s nice to have it working when I try to use it (it was offline most of the weekend).

Anyway, enough whining.  The lightning show to the south of us Sunday night was pretty spectacular, so I went out to take some pictures.

I also took some videos – my camera just wasn’t quick enough to catch the lightning on film, so to speak, so I captured it in video, and it’s pretty stunning to see just how constant it was.

Before sunset:

After dark:

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is less eventful.

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8 thoughts on “The wilds of Iowa

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      Thanks! I love watching the clouds, especially when it’s stormy, but you don’t always see clouds like that. In my hometown, apparently it was sunny and nice and then, all of a sudden, the tornado sirens were going off. Talk about scary.


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