Photo 365 #166: The Dentist


Too bad I prefer Aquafresh to Crest…

I had a dentist appointment this morning.  I hate going to the dentist.  He’s very friendly, all his staff are lovely, and I have pretty good teeth.  Why, then, should I loathe these visits so much?

The cleanings drive me nuts.

Some people shiver at the sound of a dentist’s drill.  I shiver (and cringe and tense up) at the sound of the hygienist scraping the plaque off my teeth.  By the time she’s finished, my hands are tired and sore, my shoulders are wrecked, and I have a raging headache.

And that’s with my normal (read: preferred) hygienist.

The one I had today…

When I’m nervous…

darcyMy fabulous friend Charnele tagged me last week to share a little about some of my nervous tics.  I don’t think I have a whole lot of nervous habits, but there are a few that spring immediately to mind:

  1. I clam up.  I’m shy by nature and have a hard time initiating conversations with people I don’t know well (and occasionally with those I do know well).
  2. I fidget.  I play with my hands, my wedding ring, or my hair.  I adjust my clothes.  I cross my arms.  You get the picture.
  3. I chew my cheeks or lips.  I do this instead of clenching my jaw, but sometimes that happens, too.
  4. Hot flashes…I have them.  I have them even when I’m not nervous, but they seem to hit especially hard when I’m nervous about something.
  5. I sweat.  It’s an extension of the hot flashes, but one I’m rather self-conscious about.

What about you?  Do you do anything in particular when you’re nervous?

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I’m super sweet!

super-sweet-blogging-award1A while back, I opened WordPress to look at a new comment I’d received and, lo and behold, the comment was to let me know that I’d been nominated for the Super Sweet Blog Award!  I found the timing quite hilarious as I’d just read another comment on a forum where someone described me as “…very sweet natured, but…she has a darker side!”  Apparently, I’m chocolate. 😀

Anyway, many thanks to Mandy Eve Barnett, who nominated me for the award!  This one goes like this:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer six super sweet questions.
  • Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award picture in your post.
  • Nominate a baker’s dozen of deserving bloggers.
  • Notify the nominees on their blogs!

And now, ze questions:

Transcendental pinning

Walt Whitman's use of free verse became apprec...

Walt Whitman’s use of free verse became appreciated by composers seeking a more fluid approach to setting text. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, a couple of hours ago, I was happily scrolling through my Pinterest feed when I came across a quote by Walt Whitman.  I thought up some clever quip to use in the description field, hit the Repin button, and then decided to double-check something before I posted it for all the world to see.  It’s a good thing I did, because as it turns out, I had my nineteenth-century American authors mixed up.  (I always get Whitman, Emerson, and Thoreau confused.)


Of course now, after having spent the last couple of hours reading about Walt Whitman, the Washingtonians, “O Captain! My Captain!“, the Wilmot Proviso, and a few other random things on Wikipedia, I have absolutely no idea what that clever quip I thought up was anymore.  Heck, I couldn’t even remember why I was reading about Walt Whitman in the first place till I clicked over to my Pinterest tab and saw that I was in the middle of pinning something.


But I guess that’s just the way it goes.  This has been one of the longest weeks in recent memory and I don’t suppose it will get much better in the next day or so.  But!  Come Friday, I’ll be entering Pitch Madness, so that’s gotta count for something, right?


Okay, that whole last paragraph doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I’m tired. I’ll blame the time change.  And then I’ll go to bed. 😀


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The Rose and other tidbits


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (Photo credit: alice_ling)

The rose she has gone back to Nature
Her petals on the grass by her mother tree lay
But memories of her blooming in the sunshine
With me till my own end will stay.

The Rose,” by Francis Duggan

I hopped on the Alliance thread this morning and found the above waiting for me with a belated birthday wish from the Dreamcatcher.  It’s a lovely little poem; you can follow the link to read the rest of it.  A quick Google search revealed that Mr. Duggan is quite prolific and that a lot of his work is available online.  The site I linked to above had nearly 500 pages of his work alone, possibly more.

So what’s new?  I’ve been rubbish at posting since the new year struck.  I’ve been struggling to get into a routine – any routine – this year and I’ve had some other things weighing me down as well.  Hopefully I’ll have all that unpleasantness resolved soon and I can start making progress on the rest of my goals for the year.

Speaking of goals for the year, I’ve passed 40k on my sequel.

Just one more thing

I’ll be posting about my talk with the students at Reinbeck Elementary School soon.  Yesterday and today have both been pretty long days, though – Cricket just can’t seem to shake this flu bug.  In the meantime, posting may be a bit sporadic.  I imagine everyone’s schedules are in a bit of flux this month, so I hope you’ll all kindly bear with me.  I should be back to normalish soonish.

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Redefining extraordinary


This post began its humble life as a comment on my friend Tricia’s blog post “Extraordinary.”  It was late and I began writing, suddenly wide awake.  Pretty soon, I realized that my comment could easily become as long as her actual post if I wasn’t careful.

I first read Tricia’s post on Griffin’s Quill and I found it absolutely amazing because I’ve been dealing with so many of the feelings she mentions in her post myself lately.  So much of my life is one long, monotonous march toward the end – the end of the laundry, the end of the dishes, the endless cries of, “Don’t do that!” and “Don’t hit your brother!” and “Play nice!” and “Stay in bed, for the love of God!”  It’s dreary and dreadful and mind-numbingly boring some days.  I feel like I’m living in a fog.

But then, I open a book.

Warning: Whining ahead

I am sooo not a morning person. I’m even worse when I’m sleep-deprived and required to be up early. Take this morning, for instance. This morning we had to be up at 5:00 a.m., but we didn’t get to bed till almost midnight and I’m pretty sure it was after that by the time I fell asleep.

I was already exhausted after the weekend. Now I’m more exhausted. And I get to drive two hours home. Yaaay. But it could be a whole lot worse. And I finally finished the edits on chapter five, so there’s that. 🙂

I’d love to just go home, take a nap, and spend the rest of the evening working on revisions, but I know that won’t happen. I wonder if I’ll ever have free time to myself again, like I did when I was a “crazy busy” teenager.

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