The Rose and other tidbits


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. (Photo credit: alice_ling)

The rose she has gone back to Nature
Her petals on the grass by her mother tree lay
But memories of her blooming in the sunshine
With me till my own end will stay.

The Rose,” by Francis Duggan

I hopped on the Alliance thread this morning and found the above waiting for me with a belated birthday wish from the Dreamcatcher.  It’s a lovely little poem; you can follow the link to read the rest of it.  A quick Google search revealed that Mr. Duggan is quite prolific and that a lot of his work is available online.  The site I linked to above had nearly 500 pages of his work alone, possibly more.

So what’s new?  I’ve been rubbish at posting since the new year struck.  I’ve been struggling to get into a routine – any routine – this year and I’ve had some other things weighing me down as well.  Hopefully I’ll have all that unpleasantness resolved soon and I can start making progress on the rest of my goals for the year.

Speaking of goals for the year, I’ve passed 40k on my sequel.  Forty thousand words in roughly four months.  I’m sure by professional standards, that’s probably not very much, but I think that’s probably the fastest I’ve drafted something.  I keep finding myself wanting to fix things as I go, though, and it seems like I’m constantly reminding myself to just get the words down, that they can be fixed later.  I used to finish projects all the time as a teenager, back when I was convinced that I didn’t need to edit, except for maybe a quick pass with a spell checker, because my drafts were just fine as they were.  Some of those projects were 200-300 pages long (handwritten, of course, but still – I write small).  I have binders full of my old stories that I’ve been trying to get typed up over the last five years and, while they’re mostly laughably bad, there are a few things that I used to do really well that I don’t seem to do now.  And I never used to edit as I go.

So what’s changed?  Experience, perhaps?  Maybe.  This has been an interesting experiment.  Another interesting experiment currently underway is called Editing One Project While Writing Another.  I’m less sure of the success of this scheme, though.  I was working on my sequel the other day at lunch and found myself mixing up the plotlines from the two books.  That night I went home and started playing around with OneNote, determined to do what so many other great authors have done before me and create a story bible.  It’s high time I get all the back story and worldbuilding information out of my head and into some other sort of document-type thing for easy reference.

So far, I like OneNote.  It’s been easy to work with (not that I’ve done much), and I like the organizational structure of it.  Now if only I could take a few weeks of paid leave from work so that I could get all of this stuff set up the way I want, I’d have it made! 😀

And tonight, for a change of pace, hockey!  Seymour is a trivia whiz and won a pair of tickets to see the local USHL team play tonight on a radio call-in show the other morning.  The closest I’ve been to a real hockey game is gym class, so I’m excited.

What about you all – what’s new with you?  Have any tips for working on two projects at once?  Fun weekend plans?  Tell me everything in the comments! 🙂

(c) 2013.  All rights reserved.

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