Pitching like crazy!

If you follow me on Twitter, then chances are you’ll have seen me tweeting like mad today about Vegin, Anná, and the goings-on in Lokana.  If you follow me here, then chances are you know that brevity is not my strong suit, which means that a pitch session on Twitter is guaranteed to make my brain explode.  I have two reasonably decent short pitches that fit within Twitter limits and still leave room for hashtags.  Coming up with others, though, has given me one heck of a headache.

Agents a-plenty lurked about the hashtag #PitMad today, scoping out all the pitches you could handle.  Tweets were flying fast and furious and without TweetDeck, I’m afraid I’d have been lost.  Heck, even with it, I was afraid I’d be lost!  TweetDeck’s lovely columns feature kept me scrolling along in real time, so there was slightly less confusion.  I’ll take any reduction in confusion I can get these days.  Anyway, so with agents lurking, authors were pitching their books in 140 characters or less and boy, was it crazy!  Here are some of the different ways I came up with to pitch The Lokana Chronicles:

I repeated a few of them as I struggled to come up with new material.  One hundred forty characters is amazingly brief!  Also, I think Twitter has killed my attention span.  In case you haven’t seen yesterday’s post, go.  Read.  Seriously, I’ll wait.  It is really that true.

Anyway, much like the last Twitter pitch party I participated in back in May, I’ve had no luck today, but it was amazing to see what other people are writing.  There are so many incredibly things being written that it truly is a great time to be a writer.  I had a lot of fun taking part in the #PitMad craziness today, even if I wasn’t lucky enough to get tapped by some of the agents who were out there skulking about.  Someone said, though, and I agree, that half the fun of #PitMad was finding new people to add to query lists.  I’ve found three or four new people to add to my query list, so that definitely made the whole experience worthwhile.

And now, back to work…

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