Making a difference

Just because you can’t see how far your reach spreads doesn’t mean you make no difference.  –J.C. Rutledge

But wouldn’t it be great if we really could see how far our reach spreads?  Because I’m an overly morbid worrywart type, I often wonder about the kind of legacy I’ll leave one day.  I think I think about it so much because my mom died so young, and I’ve always assumed (don’t ask me why) that the same fate waits for me.

Happily, fate seems to have other plans in store for me, because I’m still here, creating worlds and refereeing my kids.  I’m so very grateful I have the chance to watch them grow up, and I can’t wait to see what kind of people they’ll become.

(c) 2015.  All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “Making a difference

  1. maynotbesoanonymous says:

    I think you shouldn’t worry that much about the legacy you leave behind. If you live each day knowing you did the right thing, tried with all you can to touch another person’s heart, that legacy will follow.

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