Today I…

…ate an omelet for breakfast, courtesy of Seymour, who is home. (Yay!)

…worked on revising The Lokana Chronicles some more.

…watched a little Dual Survival with the fam.

…played my flute for the first time in a long time. Played for a good two hours.

…paid bills. Ugh.

…reconciled my checking account. Double ugh.

…fixed supper.

…brushed up on my Spanish.

…unloaded most of the pictures on my phone to make room for new pictures.

…organized my iTunes playlists.

…loaded up my Christmas playlist on my iPod.

…scanned manuscript pages for easier transcription.

…caught up on reading blogs.

…cleaned up my email inbox.

…messed around on Facebook.

…hung out on Twitter.

…drank way too much pop.

…finally recovered from a week-long headache.

…felt very productive. 🙂

How did you spend the day?

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