The 7/7/7 challenge!

Vegin Artwork by Hazel Butler

Artwork by Hazel Butler

The ever-lovely Will Macmillan Jones tagged me in the 7/7 challenge (or the 7/7/7 challenge – I’ve seen it both ways).  It’s a new thing going around Facebook, where you go to the seventh page (or the seventeenth page or the seventy-seventh page) of your current WIP and share seven lines (or seven sentences, whichever you choose).  Once finished, you tag seven others to complete the challenge.

Give you one guess which WIP I’m going to quote from. 😀

From the newly-revised page seven, here’s a snippet from The Lokana Chronicles, in which the prince, Vegin, receives a history lesson from his tutor, Surat:

“Garedon was a widower early in life,” Surat began.  “The loss of his wife devastated him, for they’d been very much in love.  But when the pain of losing her began to fade, loneliness replaced it, and he sought companionship in the less reputable quarters of the city.

“One day, Misranna caught his eye.  Garedon was immediately infatuated, and soon he was sneaking off to see her at all hours of the day and night.  His father threatened to imprison him for disregarding his responsibilities, but the young prince ignored him.”

Vegin found himself wishing he’d known his great-grandfather.  It took guts to stand up to one’s parents so publicly, and he wasn’t sure he’d have had the stomach for it.  “So what happened?”

Okay, so this is nine sentences, but I couldn’t very well stop after the first line of that paragraph, and nine lines isn’t so much, is it?  Actually, I guess it’s only eight lines (but nine sentences).  So see?  It’s okay.

And now for the tagging bit!  I’ll tag AFE Smith, Kate Jack, MT McGuire, Tricia Drammeh, and Emily McKeon.  I know this is a Facebook thing, but I couldn’t resist sharing this with you, too. 🙂

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