Photo Friday: Babies!

frankieLast Sunday, Cricket’s godmother had her first baby, a little boy named for his father and his grandfathers.  Yesterday, we stopped by to visit on our way home from the funeral.  Baby is too cute, and looks just like his daddy.

I don’t think it’s quite registered with Cricket what this means yet.  While we were there, his godmother didn’t hold baby for more than a minute or two, up until a nurse came for baby’s check-up.  But Cricket is rather possessive of her, and when he realizes that his room at their house is no longer his but baby’s, and that he’ll have to share his godmother with someone else from now on, I wonder how he’ll take it.  I’m expecting a lot of tears, at least until he gets used to baby.

I hope he’ll surprise me.  I hope he’ll prove me wrong and be the best godsibling ever.

I had a heck of a time trying to get Seymour to let me have my turn holding the little guy.  I miss the days when my boys were that little – they were quiet, and still, and let me snuggle them as much as I wanted.  Now they’re too big and/or too intent on moving to let me snuggle them for long, unless they’re sick, as Thumper is.  Poor guy stayed home with Daddy today and got lots of good cuddle time.

What do you miss about your children’s baby days?

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2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Babies!

    • Kay Kauffman says:

      What is this thing obedience of which you speak?

      Actually, Cricket is getting to the point where he’s more obedient than ever, while Bubbles is moving in the opposite direction. I suppose that’s age again – he turned 11 in September, so if this is any indication, his teen years will be…something.

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