Spend your Thanksgiving with a great book!

ctdkHappy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Yes, even today, I’ve got a book recommendation for you.  This one is currently free on Amazon, but only for one more day.  Luckily, I’ve got the scoop on Cedric the Demonic Knight by Valerie Willis right here:

Known for hunting the supernatural, no mortal man realizes Lord Cedric is one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. After competing in a tournament, he is wed to a Lady of the Court, Angeline. Cedric’s senses begin to overwhelm him and he struggles to decipher his feelings; Are they a creation of his incubine bloodline or truly heartfelt emotions for the girl who has lost it all to him? He finds himself forced to choose between falling in love or continuing his suicidal quest to kill his creator. Epic battles against all manners of beasts and demons fill this story with memorable antagonists such as Morrighan and her two sisters; Romasanta the Father of Werewolves; Succubus Queen Lillith and many more. Find yourself engulfed in lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

And here’s a handy dandy excerpt, because…Well…Because why not?

“Evening.”  A deep stern voice flowed from the lips of the regular.  He was a broad shouldered man and wore a hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap, the brim low, hiding the expression on his face.  “Slow night?”

“It’s Thursday,” Tony the bartender replied, relieved that the man at the bar was willing to talk for a change.  “Here you go, one Goose on the rocks.  Besides, you’ve been here every Thursday, it’s always slow.”

The bartender slid the glass towards his customer who met him halfway.  There was a slight pause, as once more Tony could not help but stare at the man’s left hand as it glided the drink away.  He was missing his ring finger and curiosity was itching at the back of Tony’s mind.  Tonight he decided to investigate the story behind the man’s missing digit.

“I just have to ask, how did you lose your finger?”  He gave the mysterious regular a sincere grin.  “Was it work related?  I get some good stories from a lot of the guys about how their wedding bands saved their lives and cost them their fingers.”

“No.”  The man took a sip from his drink and gently placed it back down.  “I refuse to let it grow back.  That’s the only reason why it’s still missing.”

You can find Cedric the Demonic Knight at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Valerie is also the author of the Tattooed Angels series, the first book of which was released earlier this month.  It’s called Rebirth, and is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.  You can find Valerie at her website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re traveling today, do stay safe!  Enjoy your time with family and friends, and have a bite of turkey for me! 🙂

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


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