One last recommendation!

Well, two more, actually.  First up, I’d like to recommend The Showing by Will Macmillan Jones.  In a departure from his usually comedic genius, he’s put together “a gripping, scary read” and, having read some of his flash fiction pieces in 416, I can vouch for his ability to scare. 🙂

So, what’s The Showing all about?  Well…

It was a house Mister Jones knew too well, his family’s house.
Here it was, again for sale and he could not resist being shown around.
But his visit has roused that which was sleeping – how many will die before it can be laid to rest?

If you knew how much of this story is true, would you want to sleep with your light on tonight?

Now if that doesn’t stir your interest, I don’t know what will.  Oh, maybe this excerpt from Will’s website will do the trick:

“You’ve found the front bedroom then – needs a bit of modernisation,” she said, and turning her back, went off to the master bedroom.  An ancient yet familiar feeling came over me, and I pushed the bedroom door tightly shut.  Was that an almost breath on the landing? Not quite a footfall? A heavy velvet curtain hung beside the door for this very purpose, and I pulled it hard across the doorway to seal the room. Her feet, heels clicking as she scurried, started down onto the varnished wooden stairs: reached the half-landing and stopped abruptly. After counting to ten, I pulled aside the curtain, opened the door and walked firmly and without pause down the echoing, empty stairway, across the hall and out through the open front door without once looking behind or to either side.  The chill air followed me out onto the drive, and the door of the empty house slid shut behind me.  The windows glowered as I made my solitary way up the drive.  I would never want to own my grandparents’ house.

Having read that bit, I need to go find a quiet corner to hunker down in with the rest of the book now.  How about you?  If you don’t already have a copy of The Showing, you can get your copy on Amazon and Amazon UK.

I couldn’t possibly leave the kids out of this book promotion – after all, they need presents, too, right?  So for the younger reading enthusiast, I recommend Snort and Wobbles, also by Will Macmillan Jones.  I reviewed it earlier this year, and am quite happy to bring it up again as it was awesome.  This, too, is available on Amazon and Amazon UK, and sports a brand new cover by the extremely talented Hazel Butler (she also did the cover for The Showing and also wrote Chasing Azrael, another book I can’t recommend highly enough), along with illustrations by the equally talented Sophie E. Tallis (whose book White Mountain comes out on Monday and which you definitely don’t want to miss).

As for the esteemed author, you can find him hanging out in a myriad of places, including Facebook, Twitter, and his website.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my recommendations this week, and I hope you’ll check out some of these fantastic books.  They’re too good to miss!

(c) 2014.  All rights reserved.


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